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It is of the utmost importance for MMI to give back, educate, and exhibit leadership in the communities we serve. Thus reinforcing our dedication to informing and empowering youth. We aim to bring about public awareness and community support while providing relief for the many causes that contribute to, are linked to and/or plague our local communities.

We aim to help all YOUTH by building avenues for career advancement, cultural awareness; in addition to, personal and professional development, in a multitude of areas. Whether it is to create dynamic entrepreneurs, or support those who are gifted, musically inclined or academically driven, we aspire to help children not only get the help they need, we relish the opportunity to play a small role in their future success. Modern Masters Int'l uses OUR resources, gained through barber-customer and barber-barber relationships, to reach beyond boundaries and connect people of all generations together, throughout the world.

Our plan is simple. Connect people that NEED each other. To help those that truly are looking for a helping hand and a chance at achieving a dream. Public awareness and community leadership training can serve neighborhoods everywhere and cast a support system that is stronger and wider than any single BARBERSHOP has ever done before. Together, as one community, barber by barber, client by client, we can really make a difference, leaving our mark on the world. MMI, not another barber community, but THE barber community.

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