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In 1745, marks the year that the barber profession died. The prestige from barber-surgeons slowly eroded as the profession declined economically, technically and morally. Its slow decline resulted in untidy, unsanitary, and undignified environments by the end of the 19th century. Overall, the craft became a disrespected spectacle full of gossip and buffoonery. As a result, groups formed thereafter adopted guidelines of protocol to standardize the industry. The rebirth resulted in master barber and journeyman groups that created the Journeyman barber Union in 1887.


With time, like everything in life, things change. The hair industry undergoes new changes every so often, as well. With the absorbent amount of barbers currently within the industry, a filter needed to be placed between those that have mastered this craft versus those who are still learning the nuances of the profession.
As of 2014, there was roughly 656,000 barbers nationwide. What are the chances they all know what they are doing?

Every so often, a revolution produces better results for current and potential consumers. We are the community aimed to answer such benign questions and look to reinforce high standards regarding consumer satisfaction.


We are a community of barbers that will transcend local communities. We have created the simplest way to figure out where someone can get a haircut, and whom to trust to let do it. We eliminated the ridiculous waiting lines present when dealing with quality barbers, and paved paths accessing not just ONE, but ALL superior quality barbers in the world. Our growing database is expanding across all borders, representing those who show true skill mastery and will fully guarantee their work.

The Result

"Modern Masters"

Dedicated professionals poised to conserve the prestige and respect of their profession. Modern Masters Int'l barbers represent a standard of excellence for one of the oldest professions left in existence.

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